‘Dog Ears’

I’ve finished editing ‘Dog Ears’. Well, when I say ‘finished’ – the proof copy will come back, and there will be tweaks, and I haven’t seen the finished cover yet, but so far it seems as if Catnip Books is on course for a publication date of the 16th April, and that’s very exciting.

The main character and narrator is a girl called Anna, who is extremely optimistic and bursting with ideas and plans. The ears belong to her golden retriever dog, Timmy.

Now, I have never met a white German Shepherd dog like Snowy in ‘Girl with a White Dog’, but I LIVE with a golden retriever dog called Timmy. He is very big and very gentle, and I am DELIGHTED he has made it into a book. It is the least I could do. He helps keep me fit as I have to take him out every day, and he has been the source of great emotional comfort to us in his human pack ever since he arrived as a shy little golden puppy.

And this is how Anna relates to her dog, Timmy. She needs him because nobody else listens to her, and she has lots of stories to tell.

About her friends Mohona and Emma,
About an annoying girl in her class called Lauren who can’t be bothered to join in and spoils everything,
About a really exciting visit from a pop star to their school, and a ‘battle of the bands’ contest,
About her (many) plans to be famous,
About her mum’s vintage clothes shop,
And her Dad going away,
And about her mum and her little brother Jack, and how she begins to realise that things aren’t quite right at home.

Timmy listening very carefully to Anna. Or possibly thinking about food…





3 thoughts on “‘Dog Ears’

  1. AJ February 6, 2015 at 3:25 pm Reply

    Hi Anne,

    I’m glad to see another GR gazing adoringly* from beside a desk!

    Dog Ears sounds lovely – looking forward to April 🙂


    *attention seeking

  2. sheffieldgaelach February 6, 2015 at 3:50 pm Reply

    Looking forward to reading this with my daughter. Our dogs are her confidantes and comforters, and very good they are at it too. Can’t wait!

  3. bridgeanneartandwriting February 6, 2015 at 5:22 pm Reply

    Thank you both very much!

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