The Blessed Ben

I’ve told you about Saint Timmy. This is The Blessed Ben.


He is always interested in what I’m doing. I look down to see this:


Or this:


He demands, needs, loves cuddles – and as writing is a very solitary occupation it is nice to have a little dog to give a hug to when your rhymes aren’t working, or your plot is in a muddle.

It can be a bother when he leans his head on the keyboard. Or when he crunches up your pens, or lies on your manuscript.


But it is great when he makes you take him for a walk, because sometimes you just need to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise. And I have some of my best ideas when I’m walking.

And he and St. Timmy are best friends.


And here are 3 other literary dogs who inspire me:

Plum – who inspires the wonderful Emma Chichester Clark. I am delighted to read that  a book about her will be published soon. I love reading her adventures!

Dixie O’Day, the wonderful creation of Clara Vulliamy and Shirley Hughes. How gorgeous is this !

And Claude, the great friend of Sir Bobblysock, and the creation of the lovely Alex T Smith


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